BrightFire Stoves

Outdoor stoves that cook, comfort and inspire.

The secret to a great time outdoors - Fire and Food

At BrightFire, we cherish the times we get to unplug and spend time outdoors. It's a chance to step back, see new things and enjoy some simple pleasures - like fire and food. We love the tastes and smells that come with cooking a delicious, fire grilled meal. And, for us there is nothing more relaxing than kicking back and watching a captivating fire. Yes, we love fire. But we don’t like how much wood they burn, or how smoky they can be. That’s why we created Brightfire stoves.    

Better fires for you and the environment

Our stoves turn small quantities of wood into vibrant, clean-burning fires that are fun to cook with, and relaxing to watch. When you are hungry, our stoves let you grill, fry, bake and boil your favorite foods. And, when you are ready to relax, our stoves keep the smoke at bay and make warm, captivating fires.

Our stoves take your camping trip to the next level

Expedition-quality stoves that are built to last

BrightFires are unique and special stoves, we spent thousands of hours developing and testing them and we use industrial-grade, high temperature materials to make them. We fit each stove by hand, and their quality is apparent as soon as you touch one.  

So whether you are looking for a picnic stove, an expedition stove or just a quick getaway stove, we have a stove that will let you cook fantastic meals and enjoy beautiful fires with less wood, less smoke and less hassle.  


The BrightFire Esprit

 Upgrade your adventures, enjoy better cooking and comfortable fires with this packable, efficient stove. Perfect for tent camping, motorcycle camping and short distance hikers. 


The BrightFire Escape

Enjoy a little luxury, this super efficient stove will let you create fantastic meals and warm fires with less wood and less impact on the environment. Perfect for overlanding, car camping and kayak camping.  


The BrightFire Retreat

 Turn every picnic into a special event. Enjoy delicious, wood-grilled flavors and host relaxing s’more friendly fires with this picnic ready stove.  Perfect for picnics, car camping and RVing. 


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