what can you do with a handful of wood?

Enjoy better cooking and relaxing fires with this unique camping stove

About us

At BrightFire, we believe that a stove should do more than just cook. A good stove should keep you warm, help you relax, and take care of you when times get tough. And, a good stove should not only help you, it should be designed to help protect the environment and conserves resources. We created our line of BrightFire stove’s to do all those things and more. Our unique combination of features work together to take better care of you and the environment.  

a better stove for you and the environment

Enjoy More Fire and Less Smoke


 Our stove’s unique design uses airflow and heat to create captivating fires that burn hotter, smoke less and use a lot less wood. 

Cook Like a Pro


Our exclusive cooking system lets you cook faster and control the temperature of your food so you can create astonishing meals. 

Clean Up and Pack Down


No one wants to be sick,  so  we make everything out of food-safe materials and designed our stoves to slide apart for easy cleaning and compact storage.

Take Care of Nature


 Our low wood consumption and very low smoke output reduces harvesting and pollution to help protect the environment . And, our solid bottom design means we don't burn the ground  and drop ash like other stoves do. 

We currently manufacture two versions of BrightFire stoves:


The BrightFire Esprit

 Upgrade your adventures, enjoy better cooking and comfortable fires with this packable, efficient stove. Perfect for tent camping, motorcycle camping and short distance hikers. 


The BrightFire Escape

Enjoy a little luxury, this super efficient stove will let you create fantastic meals and warm fires with less wood and less impact on the environment. Perfect for overlanding, car camping and kayak camping.  


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