About Us

BrightFire is a family-owned business that leveraged 40 years of outdoor experience with 30 years of product development experience to create an outdoor stove that helps people step away from a hectic world, reconnect with themselves, and discover the important things in life.

We know the power of fire and what happens when you sit down in front of one, and we know how good food tastes when it has been cooked over hot coals. We also know that building a fire can be a trying, and smoky frustration, and that cooking outdoors often means burnt and distressed food. We created this stove to make it easier for others to discover and enjoy the benefits of outdoor fires and food.

We build our stoves locally, using precision equipment, and they are built to a standard that is above other market offerings. In order to ensure that our customers have a great ownership experience - we only produce in small batches and before a stove ships; a family member inspects and fits it by hand.

For questions about our stove, send an email to: brightfirestove@gmail.com

You can also phone us at  563.275.4420 

Our hours of operation are 8AM to 6PM CST, Monday thru Friday.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us, and we look forward to welcoming you to the BrightFire community.